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new features
School Books Facility
New facility added to SalesPulse online system to allow schools to generate book lists.

To print a book list for a class you click on the Print School Books, select your class and year and click Print. Tick the Show Prices if you want these included in the list.

Here is a sample of the report that will be generated.

SMS Short Name
We have updated the system to allow you to enter both letters and numbers into the SMS Short Name. The SMS Short Name is the alphanumeric name or number which appears on the recipients mobile phone when you send them a text. For example, you can now have the text sent from 'St Patricks'.

To update the SMS Short Name for your school, click on the Admin section and then select the School Details option.

New School Notice Board
We have developed a new online Notice Board facility for our schools system. It will be displayed on the home page as soon as any user or teacher logs in. It can be used to inform teachers about school activities, notify them of deadlines and is a way of circulating the news throughout the school.

System users who have access to the Admin section (such as school Principal) will be able to manage the Notice Board.
Recording Croke Park Hours
You can set up headings for Croke Park hours and then record the actual hours undertaken under each heading.

Under the Admin section you can click on Croke Park Hour Activities. This will display the standard 8 or 10 activities.

You can delete these or add new activities. Note that you cannot delete them if hours have actually been recorded against them.

Once you have your Activities set up, you can then add in actual hours undertaken by clicking on the Croke Park Hours link.

This will list the existing hours recorded and you can add more hours by clicking the Add Croke Park Hours button. You then fill in the date, the Activity Type and the number of hours and click Save.

Standardised Test Reporting
You can record the Micra-T, the Sigma-T and Drumcondra test results in our system.

You can add in test results for a pupil on an ongoing basis and then you can see at a glance the results for an individual pupil as follows:

Report by enrolment year
We have added a key function to the master reporting screen. Which allows you to report by Enrolment Year.

This brings the comprehensive reporting functionality across to the Enrolment section. For example you could select Enrolments for 2013 and print labels or send texts to the parents of those pupils.
New contact report
New report added at the request of a number of schools that lists each pupil along with all their contacts. You could select a class and generate this contact list which will list the pupils with each parent, aunt, childminder & other contact that may have been entered for them.

NCCA Report Cards
You can add in and record details for individual pupils based on the NCCA Report Cards system.

You click on the NCCA Report Cards system and there are three sections
- Overview
- Subjects
- Further Information

Once you have entered the Overview details and saved them, you can then update the other sections.

Once the overall NCCA records are saved you can see the details of which class they were recorded in, when it was added and who added in the report.

You can view previous Report Cards by clicking on the report.
Leabhar Tinrimh
We have now developed a great facility where the principal can automatically generate the Leabhar Tinrimh for a month of attendance. This takes the information that has been entered by the individual teachers or secretary or principal and displays in the required format.

This can be printed out in Landscape format.